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About Elijah Teixeira

Born and raised in South Florida, Elijah has native knowledge and experiences of the region. Adept at discovering client needs and implementing solutions in collaboration with clients. Task and detail-oriented with interpersonal communication skills. Vigilant when staying in the know with industry trends and technology advances to give clients the best experience possible. Elijah also has a marketing and law background to ensure you get the best deal possible.

Language: Portuguese and Spanish

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    We Are So Blessed

    “Oh my God, we are so blessed to have Elijah with us during all this process to buy the house. With him, the process makes me feel confident and comfortable waiting until the final day, even though he is still with us on the closing day. Thanks, Elijah, for your hard work. God Bless.”

    From Polyana Santos

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    Great Experience

    It was a pleasure working with Elijah. He was very professional and always available to answer my questions and concerns.
    We had the highest-selling apartment in the building, and it was very fast. I am super happy with his job.

    From Natucaldas

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    Highly Recommend Elijah!

    We had an absolutely great experience working with Elijah. He is super friendly, kind, and responsible. He was always available and willing to help us whenever we had any questions or concerns about the process. Elijah went above and beyond to help us purchase the house we wanted. We are grateful to have worked with him and would definitely recommend him!

    From Sidney P.

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    Excellent, Friendly, Got the Job Done

    Elijah is super to work with and uses both his friendly nature and personality and skills as a great broker to find the perfect property. Elijah was patient and as we went through the process he figured out exactly what I wanted and then delivered that property ending in a sale. I am extremely happy and glad that was able to work with Elijah. If you work with him you will find someone that you can communicate with all the time and someone who will listen and do everything he can to deliver for you. I highly recommend Elijah.

    From Jackson

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    Exceeded our Expectations

    “Working with Elijah was wonderful! He is extremely responsible, friendly, considerate, humorous, patient, and competent. He explained everything along the way with great clarity and patience. He took all of the necessary steps for everything to work well. We were having a major problem at closing, but Elijah was on the lookout, and he went to work. He knew exactly how to negotiate on our behalf and got the best terms for us. He exceeded our expectations, and we will definitely sell our next house with him!”

    From Laila Araujo

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